Monday, August 5, 2013

First Week in Ethiopia

August 5, 2013
"My companion is really great, we get along well and work together well. He is not from Ethiopia. We stay in a house with 4 elders and it is pretty nice. The power goes out a lot but we do have a microwave and basic necessities. We don't get hot showers but that's okay. We do have filtered water so no worries. There is not a malaria problem over here so we don't have to sleep with nets or anything. We don't have to take the pills either. We are in the city of Addis and we do do a lot of tracting and walking. The people speak some English if they are educated. Most people we teach know little English but not very much. My companion has been here 6 months and can speak a little, just enough to be able to get the point across. We still run into really stubborn people but for the most part people are fairly friendly. The food here isn't too bad. We eat a lot of bread and peanut butter. Most american food is too expensive to buy so we have to buy cheaper local things. They have some weird food but for the most part it isn't too bad. We have enough food to keep us from starving but I rarely get full unless on p-days where we have time to cook. "
Pictures of Elder Ferrara's arrival and short stay in Kampala.  Mission President and Sister Chatfield, and other missionaries arriving together.  Six of the ten missionaries went to Ethiopia.

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