Monday, September 2, 2013

Missions: Changing the Missionary and Those They Teach

We are teaching some very nice families. One of the families had 10 people we were teaching. It was a little intimidating but after the dad told me that he likes to hear my voice and what I have to say. He said his family wants us over again. He is reading the Book of Mormon and praying so I think his family has a good potential. 

 One of my favorite scriptures Ether 12:27 I try to read every day and it gives me strength. I also always think about Nephi and how hard it must have been to go back 3 times to get the plates from Laban. I was listening to a talk and it shared the 5 scriptures that will help us get through almost anything.
1. 1 Nephi 11:17
2. Moses 7:26-33
3. Alma 14: 9-13
4. Alma 7:11-12
5. D&C 101:32-36
He said pay attention to the last words of each prophet after what he went through. Especially Moroni who became a general at age 16 and had war his whole life. It is amazing what he says. It really helped open my eyes. I liked Nephi too how he says I will go and do the things the Lord has commanded for I know that he will prepare a way. Also in that 1st Nephi scripture it explains how we know not the reason of all things. So what we might be going through may be hard, but we always know that God loves us so everything he gives us is to help make us better.  Trials are only to make us stronger and better. We just need to have to faith to get through them. We need to open our eyes to the Eternal perspective and we see that this life is but a fraction compared to what is to come.

 I didn't really understand how a mission could change you that much, but now I understand.  Like Alma chapter 5 says, when we meet Heavenly Father, He will tell us "well done".

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